5 helpful steps to sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC

Telegram is a widely used application in the world. not only allow use on the phone. Telegram can also be used on Mac or PC. Telegram will allow users to text, call, and share photos on the cloud platform. Join us to learn the following 5 easy steps to sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC!!


5 steps to sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC

Sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC will become very easily if you do as follow:

Steps 1:

Open your browser and go to web.telegram.org. On your PC, launch a browser, type web.telegram.org into the address box, and press the Enter key.

sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC
sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC

Step 2: 

Choose your nation. Clicking on Country to choose your nation area. To locate your nation, use the search bar.

sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC
sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC

Step 3:  

Enter your phone number here. In the Phone number section, enter your registration phone number without the area code and press Enter or Next.

Verify your phone number on the pop-up screen as well.

sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC
sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC

Step 4: 

Type in the verification code. Telegram will text you a security code after you verify your phone number. In the box labeled “Enter your code,” type the confirmation code.

sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC
sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC

Step 5 :

Finished. The website automatically reroutes to your account after you correctly enter the confirmation code. Done!

sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC
sign up to Telegram on Mac or PC


Can you sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC?

Visit desktop.telegram.org to download Telegram Desktop. Since last week, this program has been available in the Mac AppStore alongside our native OSX version. Simply enter the number and wait for a code to be sent to your smartphone over Telegram to sign in on your computer.

How do I use Telegram in my computer’s browser?

Step 1: To use Telegram on your PC, you must have the mobile Telegram program loaded on your phone (to verify your identity).

Step 2: Navigate to the Telegram website using your favorite browser. 

Step 3: Enter your phone number in the PC software.

Step 4: Click next.

Step 5: In the PC app, enter the code that was provided to the Telegram app on your phone.

Is Telegram compatible with Mac?

Look up Telegram Desktop on the App Store. Go to the app screen in the store after selecting the social media app from the list. To install the program and start it from the Downloads folder or the Finder, click the Get button.

Can you access Telegram with a web browser?

Use the web browser on your laptop or desktop to go to https://web.telegram.org. Select your nation from the login screen that appears. After entering your phone number, click “Next.” If the mobile number you gave is correct, a verification window will appear on the screen to let you know.

Can I sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC without a phone?

Using the TextNow app is the simplest way to register for a Telegram user without disclosing your primary phone number. Customers of TextNow can get a free mobile number in the US or Canada that can be used to verify your Telegram account.


In order to sign in to Telegram on Mac or PC, follow the above article’s 5 easy steps. What are you waiting for to start using Telegram on Mac and PC and enjoy the best experience possible? Visit our website to find out more intriguing details about Telegram!

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